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Get Into Fashion School- Fashion Portfolio Design

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What is involved in the Fashion Portfolio Design Course?

1. We do a scan through consultation discussion, unfolding and identifying your goals and aspirations, working out what you want to achieve and Suprya will provide input with some of the routes to achieving them.

We develop the areas of skills and knowledge, such as illustration, technical drawing or product development, developing a collection and so on, while also reviewing your goals and aspirations to develop your portfolio.

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How long does theĀ  course take?

It takes 6 weeks to go through the process

How many hours per week does it take?

The actual sessions are 1 per week. However, within that time frame, you will be set work to do. It may be the same time or less than you would normally have taken, but the wok you do will have been guided and you will be more focussed to get more work done at a higher standard.



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