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Workshops in Schools

At Creative Making, we are committed to the development of every child, both creatively as well as technically, in addition to developing knowledge about the careers and pathways available in the creative industries. To this end, we collaborate closely with schools to deliver workshops and talks for students, parents, and teachers.

Workshops and talks are live, online sessions to schools anywhere in the world or school visits on request in the South of England. Prices are available on request. Please fill out the online enquiry form and we will respond within 1 working day.

Face, Fashion & Form: Fashion Illustration Sessions 

One of the most popular sessions we offer is Face Fashion and Form. The outcomes of these sessions are that students will be able to draw Fashion illustrations to depict their ideas, they will be able to draw garment details and render fabrics on the illustrations, and select poses that best showcase their ideas, their form and function, with energy and captivating dynamism. Students will feel confident selecting fabrics and translating their clothing ideas into cohesive drawings so their ideas can be understood by others. Students understand how visual communication in Industry works and it helps them create material towards their portfolio.

Fashion and Textiles Career Talks
A lot of the time, when young people talk about getting into fashion, they don’t necessarily know and are not aware of the vast landscape the industry has to offer. There is a plethora of distinct roles suitable for various skill sets, from art textiles, fabric and textile design, supply chain management to sourcing fabrics, to designing clothing and soft furnishings and upholstery, not to mention marketing. In these Talks for students, we decipher the fashion and textiles industry and initiate steps forward to being where they want to go. Students will see and experience tangible links between their education in the classroom with the professional world.

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