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Creative Making

One-to-one fashion design online

Want to make your mark on the thriving Global Fashion Industry?

Do you want to get into the Fashion Industry, but not sure how to get in or where your talents lie? At Creative Making, we guide you and help you figure it out so you can fly in fashion.

We can also support you make career changes into an area of the fashion industry.

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What We Do

What is Fashion Coaching?

It’s like having a fashion teacher but someone who listens to you and guides you in the right direction, whilst also building on and teaching you specialised skills, honing your existing knowledge and building expertise.

Why have a Fashion Coach?

The world of fashion is a vast and diverse industry. There is something in it for everyone who wants to be a part of it, to contribute to its ever-changing landscape and receive its fruitful gifts. However, navigating the plethora of possibilities can be equally unnerving, working out where we fit into it all even more so.

Do you feel like you want to work in fashion but don’t know where and how to get in?

I completely understand, I felt that way myself and that is what our sessions are for. We work with you and your strengths and your enjoyment of fashion. You might be great at design and development of ideas, or you might be fantastic at new ideas and need help illustrating them better, perhaps you prefer the business or marketing of fashion, or you might not know. All these possibilities and more are fine.

With our industry expertise and understanding of business, coupled with links in higher education, we can work out the route for you.

Are you considering a UK based Fashion or Textiles University?

When considering travelling and staying in the UK for your studies, we will support you in all suitable options available. Many students come to the UK not knowing what to expect on their higher course and are often shocked or surprised by what they find. We will provide insight to support your applications, so you have that you have the upper hand when you arrive, saving you time and money by working it out before you get here.

The application process and entry requirements are very different than what they might be in your home country. Our sessions will prepare you for that so you are confident and everything runs smoothly.

What happens in the sessions?

In the elite sessions, we have a one-to-one session with Suprya every week. We will do practical work on your portfolio, building up skills and expertise. If you are more business or marketing based, then we will go through learning material and we will teach you what you need to know to get you up to speed. We will then go through the courses and options from what you have selected, preparing you for entrance.

The more of the right information you have, the more informed you will be to make empowered choices for yours or your child’s future.


Is Online Fashion Coaching for me?

If you are an aspiring fashion designer, who wants to learn more about the Industry and what is involved, then this is for you. If you are passionate about designing fashion and want to learn the tools to do it, this is for you. If you are considering doing a fashion design degree either locally or internationally, then Fashion Design Online Coaching will help you do that. The beauty of it is you can do Fashion Design Online Coaching from anywhere in the world at a pace that works for you.





Bespoke Occasionwear Service

Do you have a special event and want to wear a custom-made evening gown or men’s formal wear attire? We offer a bespoke service, with a catalogue of designs, which you can adjust to suit your requirements. Contact us about what you need and the date by which you need it (3 months lead time is recommended).

If you are getting married, attending a wedding or event, a party, a benefit, a gala, industry event, or you are a performer on stage, we have a range of designs you will not find off the rack or on the high street. The designs will be custom made to fit you. Prices are provided on request.